söndag 22 augusti 2010

A wispering wind

A wispering wind

A million suns rising and a new dawn is here
it's the first in this reality, and it is all breathing
life is created and the univers is whole again
this world will be ruled by the power of his might
so they dream, so they cry
but they are forever under, dancing to a new song
filled with magic

A wispering wind will tell the tale
of pain that is unreal
A wispering wind will sing the song
of the one who gave us life

Universe recreated by the hand that slayed reality
we see it all
the clouded sky where chaos no longer rule
and we feel the new rythem of the world
there is no path before us
we can walk where we wish and form our destiny
the star shines once more

A wispering wind, will rise and fall
a wispering wind will forever blow
in the world that caresses us all untill we can sleep

all his might, all his powers are released in this world
so many legendes waiting to be born
so many stories waiting to be told
the force divided and the tale is toled
a million suns rising and another dawn is here
and we are here under forever more

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