söndag 22 augusti 2010

For all time

For all time

A dawn shining irresistable, I wither
Shivers unveil my fear for solitariness
in all humility, within my longing
so winds guid me to eternity

In my mind, so ardent
a gateway to infinity
I fly with wings so high, I see with blind eyes
my heart longs for sleep
pounding slower and slower... HARK

in the grove of my mind, lngering so black
a lisle of death on my threshold
to insanity where I long to be
divinity clad in black... DUSK

serenity veils m, wistfull I seek
erranting my self
in ennui I see the dead horizon

So high above my domains I glare
Screaming silence, so beautifull... linger

for all time

aeons have passed and now I know
of darkness, of light, my secrets foretold
I see what is forgotten and what will never be
a falling tear will tell with a soft and whispering voice
it will sing a golden hymn
and forever be forgotten

for all time
nighttime is drawing near, so I hide in the darkness and await it
the night where I can hide my shame
cover me... black...

for all time



Untamed anger, borne to die, lives in the well of lies
hiding shame too deep to see, commander of darkness...flee
blazing blackness burning, in my realm that is no more

twilight shimmer in black rivers
spread your wings to shelter me
dew drops on my face
sweeter than all tears I cried

eternal night - never born
tearless - never to die

my name written in gold upon my dead sky
a soundless world and a sunset so dark
is all that remains of my fallen kingdome
my climax is reached thrsough drugs
so once again I flee this world

never to return... my face a mirror to my soul
buried in the deepest shame... in the well of lies
the dream weaver dies

a nocturnal storms sings once more
give me a soft melody, so I can die alone
then give me a new world, so I can sleep again
spread my dust on the ground, where I fell to lay forever
my soul is lost, my dry eyes have cried i million oceans
tearless I cease to be

I give my powers to the sky, and everyting that is
all good, all evil, I bring you air... breath
and live again
My time has come, so creation be... creation be again

The white ship

The white ship

A long forgotten echo rides along the sea
a ship white as snow damned to sail forever

my kingdome - gone
forever - lost

a gloomy heart cries, embraced by the memories
of a kingdome longe forgotten
of purity if will never feel

words written in fire, enchain me
burning... inside my soul... yearning

laps into reverie, I see a time lost
decayed in the heart of darkness
my journey is over

(dedicated to the memory of H.P Lovecraft 1890 - 1937)

A farewell... of creation

A farewell... of creation

Dull is the rythem of the universe
gloomines glorified
I linger to see the creation, the creation I never knew
slowly turning with the wheel
falling to another height
I let myself go
all rage chrushing through me

I realese screaming
a masquerade in light
my soul purified
by the fires of chaos

As I am dreaming, as I am screaming
far away from sanity
as a wind appears, I have sown all from nothing
oh my powers, og my might
be with me for eternity
deep from... the ashes... of me it comes

I fly in shades of yearning
I know and I fell the end
so I bid farewell
to the creation I wish to see
closer, oh how I wish to be
closer to myself
to the creation
to the creation that is me

drenched in light
the dance is through
the song is over
the rythem has stopped
waiting, waiting, pounding
the birth notes... of the end

the longing and the pain
I release it now
I see what will be, but I will never feel again
from my ebony tower
my eyes search the horizon
just waiting for sleep

I am the creation...

The dance

The dance

I am standing here waiting for the magic sound
to be moved by the rythems of the night
the last note of the eternal song
rings through and it bleeds... it bleeds

How can I cry when no tears are real
How can I love when all I feel is gone
take me to an extrem and let me sleep
sleep untill the dances is through

we dance - in solitude forever

The air is so soft and the warmth of lust
...is feeding my soul with love I cant feel
the way is so clear for me now
storms collide, in fury they sing
screaming... forever
they paint a picture of beauty in black
clad in an array of divinity old
even time stops to watch the dance

they dance - in solitude forever

transcending thoughts, from another time
memories are fading, but will not vanish
tears I know, but are they real
I will sleep, while I am dancing the dance

my movements shake the universe
realitys foundations yield
I embrace it all while I move
slower and slower I dance
reality screams as it dies
one more caress and all is gone
so sleep forever and dream
dream while I am dancing the dance

I dance - in solitude forever

The end of all

The end of all

Come with me, walk with me and leave your world behind
steep into infinity and enter the place beyond
my fury - eternal
my wrath - never ending

come, walk, follow me
see, feel, follow the blind

I guid you blind to sorrow
I guid you blind to death
tomorrow the flames will rule
and that is what I bring

drained - of all humility
I play - I play my tunes in black

the end of all
we burn - we bleed
the end of all
behold my hate
the end of all...

you see me as I dream

A wispering wind

A wispering wind

A million suns rising and a new dawn is here
it's the first in this reality, and it is all breathing
life is created and the univers is whole again
this world will be ruled by the power of his might
so they dream, so they cry
but they are forever under, dancing to a new song
filled with magic

A wispering wind will tell the tale
of pain that is unreal
A wispering wind will sing the song
of the one who gave us life

Universe recreated by the hand that slayed reality
we see it all
the clouded sky where chaos no longer rule
and we feel the new rythem of the world
there is no path before us
we can walk where we wish and form our destiny
the star shines once more

A wispering wind, will rise and fall
a wispering wind will forever blow
in the world that caresses us all untill we can sleep

all his might, all his powers are released in this world
so many legendes waiting to be born
so many stories waiting to be told
the force divided and the tale is toled
a million suns rising and another dawn is here
and we are here under forever more

lördag 21 augusti 2010



Storms so mighty, touch me and feel my universal power
Embrace me and you will shiver wither and die

I am beyond all sanity
one with life and death
like a shade of creation
I dwell
so storms touch me and feel
above - below - beyond - within
forever - secrets - unviled
secrets of forever

inner chaos is floating, clad in eternity
older than time, yunger than everything
I am...

in my array of might
this universe is slayed
but I fear
cause time has unviled its secret
I become the bringer
I give birth to all
I watch everything wither
I am above
of chaos, of might - of darkness of light
I cease to be yet I am
I slay this universe

Infinite beauty

Infinite beauty

Eternal night and infinite beauty
A tale of whats forgotten
of tears bevailed in black
of sins engraved in time
Screaming I dream reality
My open arms withdrew
perpetual, floating
unpure and filled with shame

Screaming I dream reality
My open arms withdrew
perpetual, floating
unpure and filled with shame

Weaver of reality
bringer of pain
shadowspawned soul
sing your sombre hymn
Darkness caress you
ballerina of black
bereaved all joy
grinder of light
I play the tunes
of the darkest melancholy
in your dance
all colors burst

I unveil the tale of the night
and enslave the day
slayed... to be no more
where sun never rises
where dawn never is
melodies in grief from a dying world
exploding, drifting
banned from light

twisted visions - dark light
tranquility - in black
times secret - is now mine

Oceans of light which will never great me
swear your obedience
weak and gentle shining
I crush you all
reveal yourself to me
tremble... as I see
screaming, defying
the tale of black

Lyrics, the tale of black

Ok, I was unawere of the fact that the lyrics does not exist on the webb.

I will post 'em.