onsdag 19 februari 2014

Good news everyone

Yeah. News!

Finaly it is happening.

The new songs are being recorded.

But the biggest news is that Morgan Lie is back in the band (he is also playing in Hate Ammo, Bone Gnawer and was a member of Naglfar) for some time. Joined by Live elephant-guitarist  Mathias Nyhlén.

Jonathan and Fredrik is still in the band.

Vocalist Fredrik (yeah, thats me, I am writing about myself in third person - big woop, wanna fight about it) is also bas-player utnil further notice.

New songs are titled: We all bleed, A frequency of pain, Bellow the gutter and When all else fails.

New recording goes under the namn: Auberon, or die.

It might change.

Morgan Lie, with a guitar