fredag 17 februari 2017

News! News!

New songs have been recorded. This world will burn!

onsdag 14 september 2016


There will be news soon.

Until then I have some news for you.


Jonathan on rythem guitars

Mathias on lead guitars

Fredrik is screaming

Morgan on keyboard and drums.

lördag 12 december 2015

Chaos delight

I have been very quiet. Sorry for that.

Yesterday we recorded the new song chaos delight. Something something.

onsdag 19 februari 2014

Good news everyone

Yeah. News!

Finaly it is happening.

The new songs are being recorded.

But the biggest news is that Morgan Lie is back in the band (he is also playing in Hate Ammo, Bone Gnawer and was a member of Naglfar) for some time. Joined by Live elephant-guitarist  Mathias Nyhlén.

Jonathan and Fredrik is still in the band.

Vocalist Fredrik (yeah, thats me, I am writing about myself in third person - big woop, wanna fight about it) is also bas-player utnil further notice.

New songs are titled: We all bleed, A frequency of pain, Bellow the gutter and When all else fails.

New recording goes under the namn: Auberon, or die.

It might change.

Morgan Lie, with a guitar

söndag 21 april 2013

Auberon Gaia

I just fund this baby on the net.

A hit if there ever was one.


In other news, there are some things going on, but since the backlash last year, thins are moving slow. Sorry for that!

lördag 4 februari 2012

Mirror image

Decline, perfection unachived, aching for what no one can see
Decadence corrupting my mind, a beauty parade, bought and payed by with blood

I creat, an image - a dream so vainly dreamt
I destroy - my respect for all that I am

Bleed for mee - I watch you as I tear you down
Bleed for me - loath the image that I see
Bleed for me - the pain i harbour, the pain I give
Bleed for me - the glass from the mirror digs into my soul

Emotions turns morbid, can I buy my self free?
Remake or rebuild, or destroy to improve
Deranged, the feer of failing Striving for approval byothers scale

I creat...

Bleed for me...

söndag 20 november 2011

Hellborn lyrics


Perfect nothing, another lie
Swallow what they feed you with
The question asked seems justified
Reality or dream
Watch and analyse - see it fall
The random pattern - is disolved

Hellborn - killing
Hellborn - Slaying
Hellborn - Maiming
Hellborn - We must be...

Tears mould my eyes
like thorns ever soaring
a religious contradiction I dont care to explain
The hellborn race has got a human face

The answer is obvious, yet still ignored
Children, mass-produced
Genes fixed to fit the manual
Nothing is left unkontrolled
Beautiful evil - glorified
Feasting on the corpse of our history lost