lördag 17 april 2010

Scum of the earth

Cover made by Feline Flodin

måndag 12 april 2010




As I rise to see above
As I rise to widen my reach
the morning sun, greats the day
For every tear has got a history to reveal
From the cradle to the grave
From the beginning to the end
The day will fade to night
For every laughter can tell you a tale

On wings of fire, she flies so high
To a song sung by the stars
She's on a journey,onwards through eternity
Like an eagle in the sky

A union of chaos divine
Her wings are decaying
Gaia my friend
You are dying fast

söndag 4 april 2010

Interview with Jonathan

Auberon realesed The tale of black, and was supposed to release an album called Crossworld. What happened?

You became a member of the band in the end of 99-, how did you get involved with the band?

- Hello, joynathan here. nice to hear from you. ;), I got involved with the band (about) the day I first got drunk in Umeå I think. just enjoying the atmosphere at a great big drunken rage, and I think I was like ”HEY YOU ARE DEGEN RIGHT FROM AUBERON?!”


do you like kai hansen?

do I like kai hansen...

and. yeah. I also saw auberon a couple of times before (and REALLY LIKED IT. perhaps moast the schools out cover at sommarlovetn 98?)so I was hounoured when the band asked for my services.....

no. I saw the band live. great band. got my hands on the ”follow the blind” and ”insane” demo, and really liked it. the debut was great aswell.

next question pleas.


Seaaaay it!

What is your contribution, besides from playing the guitar in the band?

-ah perfect. actually not much. When I joined there was , from my point of view a perfect symbiosis with one dude writing music, the otherone lyrics (at that specific moment in time). I was thrilled just to learn the stuff, and was challenged. I really fealt like a real ”musician” when joining the band. and all the old KLYSSJOR, yeah I did a riff hear and there and blabla,.

I was a great teammate. I made things happen I think. I dreeeoiw a lot of car with stuff from here to everywhere...:)

I was like spice to auberon i think. (and these dudes already had pleanty of it. in other forms..) :D

After Crossworld the band disappeared for five years. Why?

For me it was a basic sad thing that always happens. one guy moves away, the other moves away to that place, and that kind of stuff. and I think it wasa lot of lazyness to it as well. we perhaps could & should have put more effort into it but.... I don’t know. for me it was wierd playing in a band that you don’t can hook up with every weekend at the local bar. hehe

but five years??! man we did a lot of gigs as well.... and the band never actually disbanded... there was .
things goin on, but people get old (like degen who starts a family).

actually degen was fired. and just after that, he said that he was moving away from town. I don’t know. really...

it was bound to happen. :)

Then you released a mini cd on you own, Scum of the earth, opinions on that?

Not much. I felt like shit while recording it so I don’t even want to think about it. we actually did a ”pre-demo” before that one, more ”live” with som more tunes as well. that one had good potential I think. the official was like; ”yeah kool, I played som guitar on it, dont remind me”

Planes for the future?

I would like to make love with auberon.



Auberon has not had an internet page for 15 years, but as the band is getting ready to strike harder than before, you are here by warned of what is to come.

I will try to post this shit on the Auberon myspace page also. All in due time!

I start of with the you tube link to The white ship, from our first album.

Stay metal!