söndag 22 augusti 2010

The dance

The dance

I am standing here waiting for the magic sound
to be moved by the rythems of the night
the last note of the eternal song
rings through and it bleeds... it bleeds

How can I cry when no tears are real
How can I love when all I feel is gone
take me to an extrem and let me sleep
sleep untill the dances is through

we dance - in solitude forever

The air is so soft and the warmth of lust
...is feeding my soul with love I cant feel
the way is so clear for me now
storms collide, in fury they sing
screaming... forever
they paint a picture of beauty in black
clad in an array of divinity old
even time stops to watch the dance

they dance - in solitude forever

transcending thoughts, from another time
memories are fading, but will not vanish
tears I know, but are they real
I will sleep, while I am dancing the dance

my movements shake the universe
realitys foundations yield
I embrace it all while I move
slower and slower I dance
reality screams as it dies
one more caress and all is gone
so sleep forever and dream
dream while I am dancing the dance

I dance - in solitude forever

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