söndag 22 augusti 2010

A farewell... of creation

A farewell... of creation

Dull is the rythem of the universe
gloomines glorified
I linger to see the creation, the creation I never knew
slowly turning with the wheel
falling to another height
I let myself go
all rage chrushing through me

I realese screaming
a masquerade in light
my soul purified
by the fires of chaos

As I am dreaming, as I am screaming
far away from sanity
as a wind appears, I have sown all from nothing
oh my powers, og my might
be with me for eternity
deep from... the ashes... of me it comes

I fly in shades of yearning
I know and I fell the end
so I bid farewell
to the creation I wish to see
closer, oh how I wish to be
closer to myself
to the creation
to the creation that is me

drenched in light
the dance is through
the song is over
the rythem has stopped
waiting, waiting, pounding
the birth notes... of the end

the longing and the pain
I release it now
I see what will be, but I will never feel again
from my ebony tower
my eyes search the horizon
just waiting for sleep

I am the creation...

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