söndag 22 augusti 2010



Untamed anger, borne to die, lives in the well of lies
hiding shame too deep to see, commander of darkness...flee
blazing blackness burning, in my realm that is no more

twilight shimmer in black rivers
spread your wings to shelter me
dew drops on my face
sweeter than all tears I cried

eternal night - never born
tearless - never to die

my name written in gold upon my dead sky
a soundless world and a sunset so dark
is all that remains of my fallen kingdome
my climax is reached thrsough drugs
so once again I flee this world

never to return... my face a mirror to my soul
buried in the deepest shame... in the well of lies
the dream weaver dies

a nocturnal storms sings once more
give me a soft melody, so I can die alone
then give me a new world, so I can sleep again
spread my dust on the ground, where I fell to lay forever
my soul is lost, my dry eyes have cried i million oceans
tearless I cease to be

I give my powers to the sky, and everyting that is
all good, all evil, I bring you air... breath
and live again
My time has come, so creation be... creation be again

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