söndag 22 augusti 2010

For all time

For all time

A dawn shining irresistable, I wither
Shivers unveil my fear for solitariness
in all humility, within my longing
so winds guid me to eternity

In my mind, so ardent
a gateway to infinity
I fly with wings so high, I see with blind eyes
my heart longs for sleep
pounding slower and slower... HARK

in the grove of my mind, lngering so black
a lisle of death on my threshold
to insanity where I long to be
divinity clad in black... DUSK

serenity veils m, wistfull I seek
erranting my self
in ennui I see the dead horizon

So high above my domains I glare
Screaming silence, so beautifull... linger

for all time

aeons have passed and now I know
of darkness, of light, my secrets foretold
I see what is forgotten and what will never be
a falling tear will tell with a soft and whispering voice
it will sing a golden hymn
and forever be forgotten

for all time
nighttime is drawing near, so I hide in the darkness and await it
the night where I can hide my shame
cover me... black...

for all time

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